And really, watching Broken Social Scene at Ted’s Wrecking Yard was no different from hanging out with them in the living room: you never knew who was going to turn up or what was going to happen. Just as a song like "Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl" could begin as a twee lullaby and blossom into a climatic crescendo, a casual invite to Kev and Jo’s for a glass of wine on a Thuesday night could, within an hour, turn into an improptu dinner party for thirty that would end in living-room slow dances – even if all the ladies were actually outside smoking in the backyard.
(I’ve always maintained that Kevin Drew is the guy who made it okay for heterosexual Toronto indie-rock boys to hug one another).

No, è che – mannaggia ammè – mi è tornato il blocco della lettrice. Allora provo a leggere i libri con le figure.